Paranormal info

After a few minutes of concentration, we started hearing noises coming from his room and we both stopped and looked at each other, not really sure what to think. We started up again and the whole time we both stared at the door. After he opened the door we went back to the board which became very active, we even had the nerve to go into his room and sit on the bed with the Ouija board in hand.

When we first started our investigations in October of 2005, we had no idea what the future had in store for us! It only took one investigation, our first, to capture enough paranormal phenomena, for it to become an addiction. Even still today, the adrenaline and excitement we get from each new hunt, is as intense as it was in the first. Starting with only two members (ourselves) and only two pieces of equipment, we today have ten members (with more people interested in joining daily) and a full line of equipment to efficiently conduct a paranormal investigation. We have also received a tremendous amount of knowledge that has come from researching the evidence of our investigations.

With everything we've read, heard about, researched or captured ourselves, it's a shame for anyone not to believe. There are so many occurrences and situations through out history and today, providing evidence that should change any forms of disbelief. We give everyone the right to have their own belief system, all we are asking is for a slightly open mind. Everything we capture during investigations, we try to disprove before anything else. How do you explain a voice on a recorder from someone who isn't even there? Receiving captures on film during temperature drops and unexplained EMF readings? What about a form of a little girl, floating near a tree, that you can see fading away in photos that were taken repeatedly? We know what is out there! We will eventually get enough hard evidence to prove that everyone has a spirit that lives on after living in the physical body. Please just give an honest attempt before you make any conclusions regarding what you believe